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Unique Swiss Military Cushions

Cushions sewed out of original Swiss military blankets. These exceptional, high-quality old blankets now get a second chance.


Sourced directly, I breathe new life into these blankets by turning them into unique cushions.

All cushions find their new life between the peaks of the Jura mountains and the blue waters of Lac Leman, as I handmade them in the Swiss village of Commugny.

These cushions are the perfect unique touch for your home, the chalet or as a special Swiss gift for colleagues, friends and family.

If you are interested in one of my cushions, please contact me by e-mail on and I will send you pictures and information on the designs, sizes and colour tones I have in stock.

Price: 80 CHF per cushion

Product information:

The Swiss military blankets are repurposed, second-hand blankets, so not two blankets are the same. This is essential for the design process as it ensures that each cushion is completely unique.

All the blankets are embroidered with the year they were produced. I always put a little write tag on each cushion with their original production year to preserve this special  part of each blanket's particular history.

Design: Using original Swiss military blankets enables me to create unique designs so that not two cushions are exactly the same. The design of the cushions hence varies depending on which parts of the blanket that are reused.  

Colour: The cushions maintain the original grey-/brown tones of the Swiss military blankets. Just as the original blankets vary in colour - some cushions are more brown than grey and vice versa.

Size: The cushions measure 40 cm x 40 cm or 50 cm x 50 cm.

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