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The Story of by thye

by thye is upcycling with a Nordic expression; less is more, and by using second hand clothes and textiles each of the designs becomes unique with its own personal history.

I’m Hanne Thye Frosch. I’m Danish, I have a husband and two children and I have been living in Geneva since 2016.

I have a passion for sewing, upcycling and breathing new life into old crafts and items.


I have always been creative and have sewn since childhood. Several years ago, whilst still living in Copenhagen, I started putting our worn-out clothes next to my sewing machine, because I could not get myself to throw it out. It still meant something to me. Just because the clothing could no longer serve its original purpose, that did not mean it could not "get a second life". This mindset has stayed with me ever since, so when we moved to Geneva I seized the opportunity to expand my ideas and develop the business of by thye.

I'm passionate, not just about breathing new life into textiles, but also about keeping the craft of sewing alive. Slow fashion is hot – self made is well made.


I pass this joy of sewing, the passion for upcycling and the knowledge of the craft on to other people through professional workshops.

Follow my work on Instagram @by_thye

Why by thye?

Thye is my grandmother maiden name. She was a seamstress almost all her life and has passed on her interest for sewing to me.

The shirt I am wearing on the picture

The pattern is from The Assembly Line and the fabric is from the second hand shop Armée du Salut in Le Lignon, Geneva.

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