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Happy DIY Easter

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Here is a little DO IT YOURSELF project for Easter. Take your time to sit down for a moment or do it together with the kids. It doesn't take long - I hope.

What you need are:

- a pair of worn-out jeans

- matching thread and

- a used jar.

Step-by-step sewing instruction:

- Cut of one leg of a pair of worn-out jeans in the right length by using the jar to measure.

- Place the two side seams on top of each other - pin the edges right side together.

- Stitch with a 1 cm seam allowance and zigzag over the raw edges.

- At one of the corners, find the middle of the bottom and put the seam down towards the centre.

- Measure 5 cm above the centre, draw a line and stitch perpendicular to the sewing you have sewed before (Fig. A).

- Repeat for the other corners.

- Trim the corners and zigzag over the raw edges.

- Turn the right side out and push the four corners out.


PS. You can make another one out of the other leg.

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